Ma cherie

The skies, beautifully clear,
With no presents dear,
For someone truly rare,
My presence not even near,
Loved ones whisper clear:
It’s a choice day,
Full of glee and cheer
For someone special and dear,
To Christ, I solemnly pray:
Blessings deep and wide
His presence to abide
His love deep and wide
And faith that will abide
Joy that’ll never subside
Boundless, as the ocean wide!
Peace beyond understanding,
A secured heavenly standing,
Favour abounding,
Life unending,
Eternity possessing,
Life eternal.
To a gem so rare,
I pray Thee to be always there,
May want ne’er be near
Rather your treasures choice and rare.
You were born this day,
May it be as none other,
As you live ready for that day
Knees bowed to none other, 
Experiencing the love of the Father,
The affection of brother
The warmth of mother.
Bonne Anniversarie, ma cherie!

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