A tribute to Komla Afeke Dumor

Sagacious Komla Afeke Dumor,
Born for so much more,
Inspired us to be more,
A patriot at his core.

Intelligence, affable Komla,
Now our only words are ah!
You should have given us a clue
Now we’re all blue.

Words can’t describe our shock
Your time is out, tick tock,
You’ve left us all too soon,
Tis anything but a boon.

You’re with us no more
Son of Prof Dumor,
The family core,
We’ll tell your story – Komla’s lore.

The ever-loving Afeke
Many you asked “aleke?”
In your smooth voice: “Mini okƐƐ”
Yehowa mƐƐ sane nƐ?

Death has laid its icy hand
Who’d have thought you moribund?
So close to the end,
Now we’re reminded of our end.

Kind, compassionte and loving,
Our world privileged – you having,
Smart, facile and humble,
With words very nimble.

Mahama’s “finest ambassador”
Father mattered to you most
You’ve left the earthly coast
God’s work done – his ambassador.

Fare thee well, Agbedefu,
Swallowed by death as tofu,
May God keep you safe,
And all those you left.

Hede Nyuie!!



About Sidney Laud Schandorf

I am "Uncle Sai" to Teakwa-Emera, Sarkoah-Michelle and Obodai-Jasiel. I have a love for learning, research and teaching and have degrees in Engineering and Theology as well as a string of IT and other certifications. When I'm not "churching" I share my time between work, drama/investigative/sci-fi movies/series and writing. My life is summed up in the quest to know the truth and to be an evangelist of the same. Ah yes, I'm a gizmoid!!
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One Response to A tribute to Komla Afeke Dumor

  1. Edem Morny says:

    Hmm my brother, this one is just so apt. It’s really a great loss.

    Hede Nyui, Komla. Gbadegbe miaga kpe!!

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